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Subject: Conceptual question about updates
Author: Juan Fco Rodriguez Hervella
Date: 01/13/2006 13:55

If a file hasn't changed, are their links followed ?I mean, it seems to me
that sometimes httrack checks
if a file has changed and as it receives "unchanged",
it doesn't follow the inside links further (and that's not
right because those links could lead to modified pages)

I observe this behaviour looking at the "new.txt" file
on repetitive executions. Sometimes the links inside
the unmodified page are annotated on "new.txt", 
sometimes they are not.

PS: What I really need is that every page 
(modified, unmodified, etc) gets to be written down 
on "new.txt" to process it afterwards.

I may be missing some httrack option though.
Thanks in advance for any clue about this.

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