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Subject: Grabbing a site and cancelling...
Author: Dirk Maegh
Date: 02/01/2006 21:46
I would like to read the documentation of on the train home. 
I recently found HTTrack, and started downloading the site content.

After 5 hours it was still busy.  I checked what went wrong: 
- it is a wiki site, so every page sort of downloads twice.  I eliminated
- some pages are just lists from a database, and they contain filters (first
20, first 50, etc.) I checked the URL and decided to eliminate "limit=".
- one url refers to a forum.  I decided I was not going to follow that on a
daily basis, so I skipped "forum."
- another url to skip seemed "".

Every time I decided to change things (I was not going to let the app go on
like "forever"), I cancelled.

It seems that after a cancel, the old (but still allowed) contents are not
fully kept - I went home without the skins directory.  The pages were
readable, but it is not the same quality.

But still: HTTrack rocks !!! Of course I will overcome this, but still would
like to know if this is by design or a bug ;-)

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Grabbing a site and cancelling...

02/01/2006 21:46
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