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Subject: v3.4 is Crippled
Author: Sum Guy
Date: 02/16/2006 04:48

This is only my opinion, but I've been using httrack for years now and I've
found it to be the best freeware (or pay) siteripper I've used.

While reading the changelog for v3.4 I was quite excited to see that you've
included downloading of mss streams. However, the 100KBps limit made me stop.

I can't help but feel that you've crippled a wonderful program. I have a 6Mbps
download connection and a 100KB cap for httrack essentially kills whatever
usefulness it once had.

My usage patterns revolve around downloading bactches of large files and the
new limit makes everything take 3 or 4 times as long.

It looks like I'm going to roll back to v3.33 and stay there, irrespective of
future updates.

I understand why you implemented the cap, but I thought I'd give you some user
feedback. Thank you anyways for your hard work.

~Sum Guy

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