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Subject: Re: v3.4 is Crippled
Author: Bo Hovgaard Thomasen
Date: 12/12/2007 01:02
> That can't be true, about remote speed limit.
> With my ftp-client, I started a batch download of
> some bigger pdf-files. Almost all of the time the
> speed exceeded 500 kb/s, with HTTrack 3.42, the
> speed was limited to 100 kb/s
> regards Lars

PDF-files are not mms:// streams – they mirror from http:// or similar
protocols. Therefore, your example does not prove Xavier to be wrong. :-) 

If you need higher transfer speeds for http:// or similar, use the options
discussed here: <>

BTW. The security limits are build into HTTrack to prevent bandwidth abuse.
For more info see: <>

- Bo

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