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Subject: HTTrack was ripped off...
Author: Peter
Date: 03/19/2006 12:23
Hi all, 

I was having a problem ripping a site using HTTrack and decided to try some
other products to see the differences.  I finally came accross a product
called "Web Site Downloader" and paid the $14.95 to purchase a license.  When
I opened the app I was suprised to see the exact front page of HTTrack.  These
guys didn't even bother to change the GUI.  My fears were confirmed when the
first error message came up still with the HTTrack logo on it.  These frauds
didn't even bother to go in and change all the logos.  Do the HTTrack people
know about can I get in touch with them.  I want justice, and I'm
sure they do too.


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