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Subject: Re: %h%p/%n.%t doesn't work the same way it was
Author: Leto
Date: 03/20/2006 01:07
> I was using the version 33 and now the version 34.
> I was always using this code %h%p/%n.%t
> to make my .htm works the way I wanted.
> Now with the version 34, it creates .html files
> instead of .htm.
> I read some post about it, but in my case the %st
> seems
> wrong. it gives me some weird extension .del
> So any idea how to make this works or should I stay
> with my older version.

Yeah, 3.40 is rather buggy with some things - like those ".del" filenames.  It
doesn't happen on every site, but since it is for you I would suggest staying
with 3.3x for now.
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%h%p/%n.%t doesn't work the same way it was

03/17/2006 20:53
Re: %h%p/%n.%t doesn't work the same way it was

03/20/2006 01:07


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