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Subject: Re: Indexes (-I and -%i)
Author: jargoon
Date: 03/20/2006 13:57
>By default with WinHTTrack projects are created in "C:\My Web Sites".
>That folder can contain an index.html listing the projects.
>Each project folder can also have an index, usually a redirect to the "start"
page of the

Ok. I'm running Httrack in linux via shell. Doesn't matter. I understand there
are 2 indexes automatically generated, but wich one is the "top index"? Just
for the record :)

>The reason ... could be because you're not using -O,
or something similar.

Gotcha! THANK YOU! I've just made a test and all and every folder with an
hts-cache directory inside has been added to my "general index" inside
"websites". The reason: I've used the -O option.
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