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Subject: Writing to disk.
Author: GLF
Date: 03/20/2006 22:29
I'm trying to download a website that's comprised of a very large number of
small html files. Only the branch files (like index.html) get written out to
disk. The leaf files (like 001.html or get written to cache in the
case of html files. In the case of binaries, they show up in the cache as a
0-byte file but the data disappears, even though I've watched them be

My command line arguments are: 

Also, it seems the cache is just duplicating what's going onto the disk
anyway, so wouldn't it be more efficient to replace the zip with just a text
file listing the path, name, and date modified of all the files downloaded?
Anything that needs the actual files stored in the zip files would use the
files on disk instead. And, it would be easy to check if a file was modified
on the disk after it was downloaded by cross-referencing the modification
times with the entry in the text file.

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Writing to disk.

03/20/2006 22:29
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