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Subject: Project won't update
Author: Chris
Date: 03/25/2006 08:46

I downloaded the following website on 3 Feb 2006:


Today I check the website and find that it says 'Last updated March 20, 2006'
on it, so I open WinHTTrack (v3.40 final) and update the project. After
WinHTTrack is finished, I actually open the project in my web browser, and to
my surprise, the project still has the 3 Feb 2006 dates on it. I then check
the timestamps on the files that WinHTTrack was meant to update, and they
state 3 Feb 2006 as well. So, I then try to update again, this time selecting
'download web site' in WinHTTRack (instead of the 'update existing download'
it normally is), and then run it again. Afterwards, I again find out that
WinHTTrack has not updated the project - it still is 3 Feb. Has anyone got any
ideas as to what the problem might be?


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Project won't update

03/25/2006 08:46


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