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Subject: Footer without html tags
Author: jargoon
Date: 03/26/2006 16:15
I've noticed that all headers/footers created with -%F option are someway
inserted into html source code between:

- <html> and <head> tags for headers
- </body> and </html> tags for footers

that is, at the very beginning and very end of files, but without any tag,
just plain text. Is this the "correct" behaviour? If it is, I think it's not
very smart, bearing in mind it may cause strange rendering in browsers.

Wouldn't it be better to split this options into 2 different ones (header,
footer)? That way there would be more freedom to "label" mirrored pages (e.g.
header with paths and footers with mirrored time stamp).

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Footer without html tags

03/26/2006 16:15


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