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Subject: Unicode aware / Default encoding option
Author: nickprice
Date: 03/30/2006 02:08
Hi HTTrack team!

Can I just say a huge thanks for an awesome program, your work is much
appreciated. My only issue is that I am trying to mirror a unicode site, but
HTTrack adds lots of  (alt+0194) characters when I display the page in IE. I
use firefox, no big deal, but the mirror is for legal archival purposes and
has to go on CD - and they assume that IE is the defult browser. Is there a
workaround for this?
My question (as I have searched the forum before) is when will you implement
Unicode aware mirroring functionality, or, could the option to choose what
type of encoding is selected by default for the site to be mirrored against?
Cheers again, you're all doing a great job.


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Unicode aware / Default encoding option

03/30/2006 02:08


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