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Subject: more FAQ for form-based authentication?
Author: larry
Date: 03/31/2006 02:00

What a wonderful tool!  I was amazed at the temporary proxy that allowed me to
quickly enable access via a login page (form-based, NOT http authentication).

Below is a proposal for an additional FAQ. If you like it, please paste it
into your FAQ page. I didn't see the FAQ for "form-based authentication"
because I didn't know to ask for that. Consider that an unsophisticated user
may not know the words "form-based authentication". Instead, consider a FAQ
entry for "password" that helps users split into the two cases.


Q: How do I allow HTTrack to copy a site that requires a login name and
A: There are two ways, depending on whether the login is a popup dialog (HTTP
authentication, e.g. [insert URL to
<> or other HTTP
authentication example )] or where you type into page fields (form
authentication, e.g., [insert URL to
<> or some other
example)). For HTTP, authentication, see [link to current faq].  For form
authentication, use the "capture URL" utility in the GUI or command line as

1. Go to login page in your browser, enter your login info but DO NOT HIT
2. In the HTTrack GUI, click 'capture URL'.
3. Adjust the 'proxy' in your browser to the temporary one provided by HTTrack
for just one usage.
4. Click the submit button on the page that you already set up.
5. Notice that the reply you get is HTTrack saying it captured the result, and
you can reset your browser proxy.
6. In HTTrack, go about your business of setting up the filters (scan
criteria) and starting the download.


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