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Subject: Extracting static HTML from Typo3
Author: mike nardell
Date: 03/31/2006 23:21
Greetings :: I am having one of those problems that is conceptually simple, but
hard to solve. And it really is not a problem with Typo3 or HTTrack, but
rather the way I am using HTTrack to produce statatic HTML of the site. 

Ok here is the problem: There are certain external URLs I link to that are
accessed from many pages in my Typo3 cms. And then make a local link to these
External URLs. So for instance if I have a page called press-release.html that
has a link to <> I use an External URL page as a 
proxy:[brackets indicate inside typo3 cms]

[press_release.html --> external_url_proxy.html

Ideally these links with indirection should somehow get resolved.. Though it
is not entirely clear how that could be done. Any ideas would be useful


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Extracting static HTML from Typo3

03/31/2006 23:21


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