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Subject: -r0 parameter disable "mirrored from %s
Author: Robert CAPA
Date: 04/10/2006 15:32

I work with httrack in command line on Win XP.

I have noticed that when I use the "-r0" parameter, the text "<!-- Mirrored
from by HTTrack Website Copier/3.x [XR&CO'2006], Thu,
23 Feb 2006 10:27:20 GMT -->" is never included in downloaded files.

But when the parameter is "r1" at least, the text "mirrored from" is available
in the files.

Someone know why ?
Thank You.


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-r0 parameter disable "mirrored from %s

04/10/2006 15:32
Re: -r0 parameter disable "mirrored from %s

04/23/2006 10:25


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