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Subject: crossdomain flash
Author: LZW2006
Date: 04/22/2006 22:32
Hello, it said please search before posting so I did and I see there are many
flash messages but maybe this is something new?
I downloaded the tombraider web and it looked good (considering it looks like
crap if you just use save page from the browser) but none of the flash
navigation buttons worked!!!

Turns out because they are SWF files that link to other SWF files... I thought
a good name for this would be "Flash externals" but after doing some online
reading, it is probably  more proper to call it crossdomain flash! Here's the
dirty deals of it...

Flash security was extremely poor and they have improved it. (I'm still
suspicious) To prevent some sites from manipulating the SWF files of other
sites with scripts, the SWF files have to be on the same domain unless that
security feature is bypassed by a "crossdomain.xml" file at the server root of
the host willing to have their SWF's cross site scripted! Such an XML file may
list individual domains or might have a much larger scope by using wildcards,
including * for any and all domains!

For a web site to work correctly with flash externals, this is a HUGE

What else I found out while trying to learn about this is that flash files are
compressed! (I seen that was also mentioned in a thread here) They use zlib
compression which is common for programmers but you can't just rename it to a
zip file and see in it as an end user... Yet there is a program called flasm
that can do that and other things!


Once an SWF is decompressed, the string resources in it are easily read... The
externals path is specified as the "container" property inside the SWF and
will specify a fully formatted URL if externals are used! Like:


So do make this work offline, you have to reconcile this container property
with your local file system and you must use the same number of characters! Do
not use windows notepad! It is not required to use a hex editor, but you must
use any editor that will correctly save an ascii file after changes have been
made to a file that contains hibit characters! (or use a hex editor if one is
installed) Here is how I would do it in the above example:


Put all any flash files there not specifically mentioned in an html file! You
don't know but you have to guess... If you find flash files from a site not
related to any html file, assume they are related to another flash and try to
correct the container property and then see if the page works offline!

httrack is probably the greatest program created for offline web page users
but like all things, perfection still requires a little old fashioned work!
(editing local files in this case)

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