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Subject: Re: crossdomain flash
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 04/23/2006 10:16
> Hello, it said please search before posting so I did
> and I see there are many flash messages but maybe
> this is something new?
Well, flash is a real pain in the *rse. Not only the format is (hardly) badly
documented, the only available libraries to handle flash are old, buggy,
proprietary, license-encunmbred, read-only C++ libraries. I tried to convince
MM to release more code and specs, and to release it properly (I mean, without
releasing twice as much lawyer crap than buggy lines of code) but nevery got
any reply.

To summarize: the current flash parser is basic, and is not able to change
links inside the class. This is a problem, but I did not yet find any

If one day someone has the courage to reverse engineer the flash format, maybe
httrack will get a more decent flash support (as it was done for mms://
streams thanks to Nicolas Benoit's MMS routines)

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