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Subject: Re: HTTRACK for run in Web Server???
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 04/23/2006 10:10
> Don't you have any idea to develop a PHP (or
> whatever can be run on a web server) version of
> HTTRACK?... 

Well.. no! Most of the code is in C, and if a rewrite, if any, would be in C++
(but there won't be a rewrite, probably, due to the huge amount of work

> If you do, i'll be able to create a mirror of a site
> directlly on another server.. (without downloading
> to my hard disk)

Well, I suppose the htsserver backend could be adapted to serve remote users -
this isn't planned yet, however, for practical reasons (how to launch/stop the
mirrors, how to "screenify" the session, and so on..).

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