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Subject: HTTrack destroys the files being downloaded.
Author: Guest
Date: 04/25/2006 20:20
Using version 3.40-2 of WinHTTrack, I just tried to download:


and the files it downloads are corrupt.

When I download them with my normal download managers (dlexpress &
nettransport), the files are okay.

It looks like httrack is trying to be 'smart' and rather than just downloading
the files, decides they are text files and does something or other to damage
them, and then renames them as .txt files.  A downloader should *never* change
the files being downloaded or rename them.

Modifying an HTML file to change the web links to local links is one thing. 
You expect that from a mirror program.  But it should never, EVER change other
files. Especially files makred with a .GZ compression extension!

But thanks to you, I just spent a couple days downloading about 600meg of
totally worthless files.


I've had problems off and on for years with your program.

It can handle basic web pages, but about half the time when I try to download
files, it'll crap out and damage the stuff.

I don't know why I keep using this junk.  I like how it can do the web pages..
maybe I keep thinking that one day you'll actually get this thing working. 
That you'll stop trying to be clever and just let the damn thing actually
download files.

It's not just this site.  I know you'll probably pop up and say, "Oh that's
their fault... they have the web server misconfigured."  Maybe.  Or maybe not. 
Regardless, it's not uncommon and your program screws up too often because it
tries to be clever.  Instead of being clever, why not try and be dependable

(sigh)  I guess it's back to just using my old standby mirroring program,
which doesn't try to be clever and just simply downloads the files and doesn't
try to change anything but html files.

I guess there's virtue in simplicity / stupidity.

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04/25/2006 20:20
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