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Subject: wget comparison / FAQ question
Author: Todd
Date: 05/17/2006 10:21
Just heard about this project from twat and was wondering what difference it
has to wget?  Wget is a old program yet still being updated (I think) and was
designed to be a web mirroring tool.  It does this job very well.  Is this
just the same idea reimplemented?
From looking briefly I see it has mms protocol support which is something wget
doesn't have - making it a useful application to someone needing this but
appart from that is their any reason for people to move from wget which is
already well established.

Out of curiosity, why wasn't the code based on wget?  It would seem that such
a similar project could have saved time and effort using an already
established, similar project.

Obviously I'm not trying to "have a go".  I use wget to mirror some sites etc
but I would be interested in what HTTrack could provide.  Why am I asking
this?  Anyone who knows about wget would presumably immediately ask what the
difference (and/or point) of this project is as the purpose is the same. 
Perhaps you could include that question in the FAQ Xavier?
Anyway, just interested is all.  I do think that the FAQ question would be
good though.



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05/17/2006 10:21
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