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Subject: Re: wget comparison / FAQ question
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 05/19/2006 18:31
> Just heard about this project from twat and was
> wondering what difference it has to wget?
Well, I honestly don't really know, as I hardly never used it (except to grab
files time to time as it is a standard component on many Linux distributions),
and never used other offline browsers (I mean, commercial ones - even "legal
proprietary copies" of httrack sold ebay :p)

Main httrack features are detailed here:

> Is this just the same idea reimplemented?
Looks like.

> Out of curiosity, why wasn't the code based on wget?
No :p

>  It would seem that such a similar project could
> have saved time and effort using an already
> established, similar project.

Well, code rewrites are sometimes good. More than a "different flavour", is
can also means more flexibility on different domains (personal use vs.
profesionnal use, archiving, linguistic analysis..).

> Anyone who knows about wget would presumably
> immediately ask what the difference (and/or point)
> of this project is as the purpose is the same. 
> Perhaps you could include that question in the FAQ
> Xavier?
Humm, I'm definitely not the best folk to make the comparison (I mean, an
independent, honnest, not biased comparison, such as the hilarious
<>), but if anyone wants
to give it a try, don't hesitate :p

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