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Subject: 3.41 Alpha not saving an in cache
Author: omega
Date: 06/04/2006 21:15
tested release: WinHTTrack 3.41-alpha-4 (+swf), GUI

On an exiting project, doing an Update, the 3.41 alpha-4 release is not saving
out an file in the project's hts-cache folder. Comes out with only an
old.lst + old.txt, but missing

Same results seen for doing a Continue ("Continue Interrupted") as with doing
an Update.

The project where I noticed this was originally created with (or at least last
updated with) v3.33, so to me that rules out any sort of issue with that
previous-gen .dat format in the cache. Besides, my test showed this result of
the missing as well when the project's previous update ( file
creation, etc) was by the 3.41 Alpha release.

I want to confirm: The project settings are the default of creating a cache*.

The 3.41 Alpha is making a 

What is off is that it is not copying the to when it is asked
to run an Update or a Continue on a project.

By the way, my feeling is that there are furthermore, some broader issues with
the 3.41 Alpha on running a Continue and an Update. Front issue is that its
behavior after it has been asked to do a Continue leaves me wondering if it is
not actually executing an Update. First impressions, when testing it out to
update a few projects, it seems to be rather slow. I'm running an old computer
on a slow dialup, but I mean that my initial impressions are that it it slow
compared to earlier releases (ie v3.33 seemed to provide me with much better
speed performance). But I'm just mentioning this impression as a slop FWIW.
It's difficult to provide concrete data to back up these first impressions. 

My main intent on post was to get attention for the tangible issue, solving of
the mystere.

*[extra detail, should think not needed, but in case:]

I tried also a toggle to "store all files in cache" but that did not seem to
make a difference. 

I double-checked winprofile.ini, and it has the expected entries
; the second entry set to 1 on latter tests

Doit.log excerpts (slightly changed during various runs when toggling

-qiC2%P%q0s2u1j0%s%uN1%I0p7DaK0c5H0%kf2o0A500000%c5%f0#f -F
-qiC1%P%q0s2u1j0%s%uN1%I0p7DaK0c5H0%kf2o0A500000%c5%f0#f -F
-qiC1%P%q0s2u1j0k%s%uN1%I0p7DaK0c5H0%kf2o0A500000%c5%f0#f -F


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3.41 Alpha not saving an in cache

06/04/2006 21:15
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