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Subject: Re: 3.41 Alpha not saving an in cache
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 06/05/2006 11:54
> tested release: WinHTTrack 3.41-alpha-4 (+swf), GUI
> On an exiting project, doing an Update, the 3.41
> alpha-4 release is not saving out an file in
> the project's hts-cache folder. Comes out with only
> an old.lst + old.txt, but missing

Thanks, this (rather obvious - except that but I did not see it) bug has been
fixed in the alpha-5!

> What is off is that it is not copying the to
> when it is asked to run an Update or a
> Continue on a project.

The previous .old/.ndx cache should be detected, and on the next run, the file should appear.

> First impressions, when testing
> it out to update a few projects, it seems to be
> rather slow.

Well, the new code is potentially slower, because of network latency (the
engine now waits for remote header reply before continuing) ; this can be a
problem when updating. I'm wondering if not waiting for remote headers during
update would be the solution..

> My main intent on post was to get attention for the
> tangible issue, solving of the mystere.

Should be fixed now :p

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3.41 Alpha not saving an in cache

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