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Subject: UDF compatible filenames
Author: jmos
Date: 06/16/2006 20:29

first of all thank you for your great piece of software!

I have to create a CD version of a website for a customer and have to deal
with the incapabilities of the CD file formats. I know HTTrack has an option
to generate ISO9660 compatible filenames. In my case the CD should use the UDF
Filesystem which has a limit of 64 characters in file and pathnames. I could
use the ISO9660 option in HTTrack, but the generated filenames aren't very
descriptive because of the 8.3 limit of that filesystem.

Is there any possibility to let HTTrack generate UDF compatible file and
pathnames that should not exceed 64 characters in total length (including file
extension) ?
If HTTrack can't do that in the current version, would it be possible to add
that feature in a future release ?
I think that would be a great enhancement for people using
HTTrack to create CD versions of websites.

What do you think ?
Many thanks in advance!

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UDF compatible filenames

06/16/2006 20:29
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