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Subject: Re: UDF compatible filenames
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 06/17/2006 09:49
> I know HTTrack has an option to
> generate ISO9660 compatible filenames. In my case
> the CD should use the UDF Filesystem which has a
> limit of 64 characters in file and pathnames. I
> could use the ISO9660 option in HTTrack, but the
> generated filenames aren't very descriptive because
> of the 8.3 limit of that filesystem.

The ISO9660 option is 32 characters long (ISO9660 level-2 compatibility)

> Is there any possibility to let HTTrack generate UDF
> compatible file and pathnames that should not exceed
> 64 characters in total length (including file
> extension) ?
Well, not easily. It might be added in the future, however.

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