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Subject: Machine slowdown
Author: Bill
Date: 09/06/2006 23:58

I mirror a HUGE documents site. When I say HUGE, it's huge, the mirror is
already close to 5 Gb and it's about only 25% done.

After some running, my machine begins to choke to the point that the mouse
moves by steps and any click on a link on the desktop takes 3-4 minutes to

I run a Athlon 900Mhz with 256 MbRam and a 120GB hd. The mirrorring is done
via high speed connection.

What could I do to avoid that extreme slowdown ? Httrack seems to eat all
available memory and even all available swap space (960someMb of 1GB) even if
vm is automatic.

I tried to change some settings but no way, and it takes close to 7 hours to
come back to the stopping point and of course at that point the machine is

Tks, Bill

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