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Subject: Level of links
Author: Nicolas Lieber
Date: 03/23/2001 16:36
In crawlers, one can specify a number of links that 
will be followed during the extraction of the content 
from the Internet. This means that starting from the 
first web page of a web site, the crawler will cache 
on the local disk all the files linked to this page 
and will do exactly the same process while the level 
isn't reached. When the level is reached, none of 
the links are saved.

From an end-user point of view, the notion of "level 
of links" is different. The level of links is the 
number of times he can click on valid links starting 
from the first page. Moreover, the end-user expects 
that all HTML pages he will see will be 
consistent, which basically means that all images 
should be included in the page and that all frames 
should be displayed.

How WebCopier (command line or GUI version) handles 
this problem ? Is it possible to use some advanced 
features in order to address this problem ?

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03/23/2001 16:36
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