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Subject: moving downloaded project; filter setting
Author: BzF
Date: 02/24/2002 19:17
I have two questions:

1, when I want to move downloaded files (I read the 
FAQ!), in which files
I have to change path to downloaded files? I've found 
it in doit.log,
new.ndx and hts-log.txt. (I need it because I have 
access to fast connection
only from machine with windows and I can save only to
\\Public\share\websites - but on windows computer I 
have full acess to is
only C:, so I have to change it).

2, Is there a way how to download all files with url 
?(My friend told me, that it is probably possible with 
offline explorer - 
please, has anyone experiencies with this product? I 
use linux and don't
have windows on my computer so I can't play with it)
There is no page that contains links to all these 

Or it is easier to use separate downloads for each 
link? (Is there an option
not to erase existng files in directory? I'd like to 
download all of them to
the same directory and then I'll probably create with 
some scripts
an index.html, that will contain titles of these pages 
as links to
apropriate files.)


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moving downloaded project; filter setting

02/24/2002 19:17
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