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Subject: Re: moving downloaded project; filter setting
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 02/25/2002 00:13
> 1, when I want to move downloaded files (I read the 
> FAQ!), in which files
> I have to change path to downloaded files? I've 
> it in doit.log,
> new.ndx and hts-log.txt. (I need it because I have 
> access to fast connection
> only from machine with windows and I can save only to
> \Publicsharewebsites - but on windows computer I 
> have full acess to is
> only C:, so I have to change it).

To copy/move a PROJECT (not isolated files in a 
project), just copy the project folder (for example: 
copy the 'C:\My Web Sites\my favourite site' folder 
where you want) on the other machine main project 
folder. That's all! The doit.log file is ignored by 
the GUI (WinHTTrack) version anyway - the only file 
read is winprofile.ini in the hts-cache folder.

> 2, Is there a way how to download all files with url 
> like:
> <>
> <>
> ...
> ?
Yes, using filters:*
or even*/*
if isn't in the top directory

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