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Subject: Problem with queries
Author: Martin
Date: 05/13/2007 11:54
First, I would like to say that HTTrack is a great application. I have only
used the GUI yet but as my projects gets more advanced I will be looking to
batch scheduling.

Now to my problem, I am downloading pages from a URL list. The pages
downloaded is on the format




I would like to capture the argument, arg, in the file written to disc. The
arg (1,4332, etc) contains information I need when interpreting the file

So this lead me to using the advanced variable extraction option. However I am
experiencing problem using this feature. This is since there is no parameter
(or one could argue the argument is the parameter).

Any ideas how I can work around this problem to be able to keep the arg
information in the file written to disc?
I.e. so that 

<> -> <> 

or something similar.


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