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Subject: Need a delay before ripping page
Author: Andrew Smith
Date: 06/19/2007 16:42
I am trying to rip the URL page below.  What happens is that when I bring up
the site, there is a "please wait" message and then after a while the "daily"
information comes up.

The problem is when I use HTTRACK, it includes the "LOADING PLEASE WAIT" and
grabs the page without the detailed data I need (I see that message in the
HTML that was ripped).  Somehow I need to have the page brought up - a pause
of say 20 seconds - and then rip whatever is there.  

When I am in FireFox and the page is complete I can go "SAVE PAGE AS" and the
entire HTML is stored with the required information.  

I noticed GURU option for wait but that didn't help as well as a shell option

I am using XP.

From what I see with this page, I am not sure any ripper will work until more
sites like this pop up and extra options are added.  Most rippers just start. 
The only "times" I see generally are timeout and maximum rip times.


thank you!

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Need a delay before ripping page

06/19/2007 16:42
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