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Subject: active connections: none
Author: lisa
Date: 07/06/2007 11:36
I have searched the forum but I have found no solution to my problem (I have
also replied to a similar one in a older thread but it has not been answered
yet, so I apologise to restate the problem here in a new tread): 

I have Httrack version 3.41-3.
I need to download part of a huge website (starting form a given page, only to
the 4th level, but pages have many links to video files and I am downloading
these videos too).
It works fine for the first 50thousand files or so, but then it freezes, with:

active connections: none
'Parsing HTML file...'
This situation can last for 15 hours or even more; if I interrupt the
mirroring and then resume it the situation does not change (yesterday I did it
and httrack downloaded only 53 files in 11 hours; most of the time it
signalled no active connections).
I do not think it is a hardware problem (I store the files on a separate,
brand new, 500GB hard disk; I have 1Mb ram and a pentium4 processor; OS XP;
nothing else is running on the pc while downloading the project; my adsl
connection is perfectly working...).
Can someone help me, please?many thanks!

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