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Subject: Re: active connections: none
Author: lisa
Date: 07/07/2007 13:18
Thank you for your reply, but I have the same problem with 'update'.
In fact, 'Active connections: none' starts appearing since the beginning, when
I start a NEW project (after a certain amount of files scanned), that is the
reason why I tried to interrupt the project and then continue. 
In other words, either if I start a new project, or I ask to continue an
interrupted one, or else I want to update it, the situation is the same: it
starts downloading (with 1 or 2 active connections) and then - after some time
- the 'active connections: none' phase starts and lasts infinitely
(I had the same problem with the former version of Httrack, that is the reason
why I upgraded it).
I hope the problem is clearer now and I thank you for any suggestion and help
(I really need to solve this matter...).
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