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Subject: Re: Saving and deleting
Author: Victor
Date: 09/09/2007 08:14
> Hi Guys,
> For the first time, I am using WinHTTrack Website
> Copier 3.41-3. I do not want to download a website
> completely. But I would like to download
> informations by clicking what I want with the help
> of WinHTTrack Website Copier 3.41-3 and I would like
> to save them on a file or folder or pen drive
> directly. If I want to delete the files or folders,
> which I have saved in or using Website Copier
> 3.41-3, then how to do it perfectly, I mean, deleted
> files and folders should not recovered.
> Your immediate reply will be appreciated.
> Your step-by-step procedures, please?> 

Hi Guys,

I am eagerly waiting for your kind reply.
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