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Subject: concerns over a back up
Author: James80
Date: 11/12/2007 14:37
hello, a friend works for a charity.  the charity had a site but the person who
ran it has since left and begun deleting parts.  my friend asked if there was
any way they could save what is currently on there for archive purposes.

I used HTTrack on behalf of them and created an offline copy of the site,
which was 49MB in size.  

However, I was then told that the person who ran the site actually bought the
domain etc in their name rather than the charity's so I am left a bit
concerned about copyright and also if my back up will look like an attempted
DoS attack.

I'm not sure how big a dent 49MB would make in a site's bandwidth allocation.

Do you think I should try to get the charity to contact the guy and inform
him?  I have told them of my concern but they seem to think they are covered
copyright wise so long as they don't use the backup on line.  

any advice would be appreciated



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