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Subject: Problem with --disable-security-limits
Author: kaipi
Date: 12/08/2007 14:19

I have several 1000 (legal) g-zipped files I need to download. I want to use
HTTrack for this job. I have a textfile with all the URL-links to the files.
My Problem is that I can't achieve a download rate above 99 kByte/s. I tried
first with the GUI and I added --disable-security-limits to the scan-rules -
with no effect (all fields under 'Limits' and 'Flow Control' left empty). Than
I tried with command line: C:\Programme/WinHTTrack/httrack.exe -%L
F:\urllinks.txt -o "F:\" --disable-security-limits
But I also didn't get the full bandwidth. What am I doing wrong ??I have on an
another PC HTTrack with an older version (3.32-2)and no security limits - and
here I get the full bandwith ! Can I download somewhere this older version ?
Thanks a lot for your help,


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