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Subject: shell scripting httrack
Author: cobasa
Date: 12/10/2007 22:04

i'm trying to write some shell scripts and cron jobs to archive a site
automatically. my shell script works, but i'm getting some feedback errors
that i would like to avoid. any help is greatly appreciated. even just schell
scripting with httrack examples would rule it.

here is the tcsh version of my shell script:

# create meaningful named, dated folder for archive
set tdy=`date +%Y"_"%m"_"%d"_"%H"_"%M`

`httrack <> -O $savetopath "+**"
-F "httrack useragentarchiver" -r3 -m2000000 -c4 -nv`

the archive is getting created, but when the job is done, i get:

* `httrack <> -O $savetopath
"+**"  -nv -F "httrack testfrombentserver" -r3 -m2000000
-c4`: No match. (in my tcsh version of this script)

* HTTrack3.22-3-nozip-nossl: command not found (in my bash version of this
script with -nv option added
* Mirror: command not found (in my bash version of this script without -nv

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