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Subject: Reproducable link error...
Author: Tek
Date: 12/13/2007 08:56
You stated in others posts about a problem with the URL's being changed, that
you needed an example of where and how it was happening.  Well, here is a
reproducable situation:

On this webpage (, the images are
simply links to themselves, and you are re-writting the saved link from an
image to a .html instead of leaving the link as the image.  Plus, the images
don't even seem to be downloaded (although I saw them being downloaded in your
status page), but I can't find them anywhere.

For example, the first image is (pcb.png) and it is found in the exact same
directory as the index.htm on the original website.  The original HTML code is
this: "&lta href="pcb.png"&gt&ltimg src="pcb.png" width=75%&gt&lt/a&gt".  No
matter what rule I create, when I use your program to download this site, the
image is not on my hard drive-anywhere, and when I browse this downloaded
from my harddrive, the new URL that your program created has changed the link
shown above to this: "&lta href="pcb.html"&gt&ltimg src="pcb.html"
width=75%&gt&lt/a&gt".  So not only  can I not find the image on my hard
drive, but you've also renamed the extension of the URL link from .pcb to

I don't know what you did with the image, but you can't just take every link
and rename it to a .html file.

Please fix this.  And please let me know when this has been fixed.

Thank you,


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