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Subject: ftp error/mishandling (bug?)
Author: Haudy Kazemi
Date: 03/19/2002 05:16
I was just mirroring this site (mirror is about 1 mb):

When I checked the log, there was this error:
21:57:03	Error: 	"Bad user name: Hi. No need to 
log in; I'm an anonymous ftp server." (-1) at link 
<> (from

While I did have a few other errors from other ftp 
links from this page, those were because of missing or 
offline ftp servers.  Just this link had a strange 
error, because I can access that link just fine in 
Internet Explorer or other ftp clients.

Any recommendations on how to improve ftp 
reliability?  (I did see the config page about "use 
proxy for ftp", but that only works if all info is 
accessed thru a proxy server whereas I'd rather not 
get it all this way.)  (Do I have a good reason not 
to?  I am worried using a proxy will affect how some 
websites work.  Maybe I am wrong...)

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