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Subject: Re: ftp error/mishandling (bug?)
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 03/19/2002 07:46
> Any recommendations on how to improve ftp 
> reliability?  (I did see the config page about 'use 
> proxy for ftp', but that only works if all info is 
> accessed thru a proxy server whereas I'd rather not 
> get it all this way.)  (Do I have a good reason not 
> to?  I am worried using a proxy will affect how some 
> websites work.  Maybe I am wrong...)

Hum, ftp engine is really basic, HTTrack is a website 
mirroring tool, and is not really good at mirroring 
ftp sites. The engine can catch ftp files, this is not 
a problem generally, but for mirroring a complete ftp 
site, prefer to use other tools (on Unix, tools like 
lftp are the best solutions).

In your case, the ftp server responded to the USER log 
using an error message, and HTTrack assumed that the 
username was bad. If you can give me the ftp URM, I'll 
check what error code is returned, and if it is 
possible to handle this case without breaking the 
RFC's standards.
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