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Subject: Specialized filter
Author: Dave
Date: 02/01/2008 20:42
I'm having some trouble with a fairly specialized filter I'm trying to create.

I'm using httrack to crawl a site that has a calendar app as part of it's
dynamically generated content, so that potentially will crawl forever.  I want
to exclude the date-specific links while including certain others.

All files are in the /spaces/usage directory as a function of the
report.action script.  I want to throw away all links here where &date is part
of the pattern.  I should note that higher up in my filters I'm excluding
/spaces via -*/spaces/* to exclude lots of other junk.  Right now my pattern
hierarchy looks like this (from a batch file, so you'll see some escaping
going on):


So I want key= or key= and period=, but I do NOT want anything else, like
key=, period=, and date=.  Right now this does not appear to be matching
ANYTHING in the /spaces/usage directory.  Any ideas?

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