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Subject: Re: Specialized filter
Author: Dave
Date: 02/04/2008 14:32
Thanks for the tips.

I've removed A-Z from the filter, and changed my single quotes to double
quotes.  Seems to be better, I'm seeing some extra results now that I would

I used the *[] because according to the documentation, this means "nothing
else beyond what I've already matched" or something like that.  Regular
expression equivalent would be $ if I'm understanding correctly.  I NEED this,
because if it grabs a link with &period=<whatever> in it, it'll get stuck into
a calendar application and then I'm sunk as it'll grab a virtually infinite
number of dynamically generated pages.

I hear what you're saying about not having an * at the end of the filter, but
I have had results come back before without using that.  For example, a filter
of +/something/file.action seems to be matching
/something/file.action?some=value and so on.  It's only been a problem with
this calendar app.

Again, thanks for the tips, seems to be going well now.
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