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Subject: Newbie questions
Author: John
Date: 03/17/2008 18:43
Hi everyone!

I'm not really computer-literate, so I'm having trouble figuring out how to
mirror parts of some web sites because I can't figure out their structure. So,
here goes:

If I want to mirror all of <> but some pages are named
<> and <>, how do I
capture them?
Also, how do I mirror part of a web site when the pages I want are not grouped
in a dedicated directory? Specifically, I'd like to mirror the pages about
Frank R. Paul's artwork at and leave out the rest. But only is linked to from the main page. The other ones
(...paul2.html etc)are linked from there and aren't placed in a single
directory. If I set the link depth to, say, 3 won't that catch the "Back to
main" links on all these pages and start mirroring unwanted parts of the site
from the main page?
Does any of this make sense? Please be gentle with me! I'd really appreciate
your help!


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