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Subject: Re: Newbie questions
Author: William Roeder
Date: 03/17/2008 19:43
> If I want to mirror all of <> but
> some pages are named <> and
> <>, how do I capture
> them? and are different sites and httrack doesn't
normall leave the starting site.
set External link limit=99
Add filter -* +**

> Also, how do I mirror part of a web site when the
> pages I want are not grouped in a dedicated
> directory? Specifically, I'd like to mirror the
> pages about Frank R. Paul's artwork at
> and leave out the rest. But only
> is linked to from the
> main page. The other ones (...paul2.html etc)are
> linked from there and aren't placed in a single
> directory. If I set the link depth to, say, 3 won't
> that catch the "Back to main" links on all these
> pages and start mirroring unwanted parts of the site
> from the main page?yes it will. Instead, don't limit filter instead
-* +*/paul*
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