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Subject: Re: Large site
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 03/25/2002 07:21
> When I finished download a very large web site(60000 
> links scaned) using console httrack V3.16 under Win 
> 2000, httrack works OK but Win 2000 have some 
> unable to run any other applications after httrack 
> exited, even open disk D using exploer. System 
> says,'No enough resource'. Does it mean that there 
> some bugs in httrack which did not release some 
> resource?
Well, this is kindof strange, because even if some 
mallocs() weren't unreserved (this may happend, but 
only few isolated 32k-blocks), once the program exits, 
the system **should** clean everything. The console-
mode isn't doing other things than malloc's, therefore 
I don't see any reasons why this happened. Maybe a 
problem in the TCP stack, or the filesystem find fast 
(erasing thousands of files can take several minutes 
AFTER erasing them, due to some explorer internal 
operations), but this is definitely strange (and 
60,000 files is not a "very" large site, hum)
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