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Subject: Re: Large site
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 03/25/2002 22:20
> I think i've  experienced  a similar  issue to this  
> myself, using version 3.00 on Windows 98, also  with 
> a 'large'  site of  around 70000 links - this takes 
> some time with a modem
> obviously I will upgrade to the new  version first 
> all, but if there is still the same issue (maybe  
> as sever) then I'll keep looking into possible 
> and solutions that can be improved with general 
> housekeeping and I'll post anything that I come up 

Darn.. this may be a specific thing related to the 
commandline DOS version or something, but I really 
don't see where. Some tests were done on Unix machines 
with millions of links without much troubles - 
therefore I doubt there are still memory leaks (but I 
still don't understand what may be the cause of 
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