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Subject: Re: I don't think so
Author: Cyberstein
Date: 04/08/2008 23:41
Sorry if my english hurt you (to death ?), it's not my native language.

But I think a BIG work have to be done on the GUI of HTTrack, which is simply
chaotic sometimes (please make possible to hide this annoying file browser on
the left, add some anchors everywhere so the interface don't become messed
when resizing, hide instead of disable things...).

It's very bad because the engine of this program is very good and helpful, and
it's sure that this part is the most difficult to develop. I use it and i'm
glad that this program exists, but when I use it this is... painful to

Please, think to this for the next release.

(this comment apply to SpiderZilla too)

PS: By the way, how this GUI was developed ? Visual Studio ?
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Re: I don't think so

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