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Subject: Problem storing links from a database
Author: Gary
Date: 04/12/2008 19:44
Dear Sir.
I am have trouble with this program.
I am using WinHTTrack ver 3.33.
This is what I am trying to do but the pages are not being copied to disk.
Here are my steps.
1. In my web browser I go to this web page --
2. In the box for the space craft name I type in -- explorer
3. A new page is returned called "Spacecraft Query Results" with the following
statement at the top, "There were 98 spacecraft returned."
4. I start up WinHttrack using default settings.
5. I then name a new session and on the next page I put in the URL copied from
my browser which is,  
6 The problem is that WinHTtrack only copies this page it does not copy the
pages that are the links you go to when you click on each of the spacecrafts
Please help me solve this problem. I am not trying to download the whole
website just the links associated with the spacecraft returned from that
search on that one webpage.

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Problem storing links from a database

04/12/2008 19:44
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