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Subject: Re: Copying Website to change language??
Author: Sam
Date: 04/20/2008 15:29
Aircraft inspection and maintenance are an essential 
part of a safe, reliable air transportation system. Training has 
been identified as the primary intervention strategy in 
improving inspection performance (Gramopadhye, et. al, 
1998). If training is to be successful, it is clear that inspectors 
need to be provided with training tools to help enhance their 
inspection skills. Existing training for inspectors in the aircraft 
maintenance environment tends to be mostly on-the-job. 
Nevertheless, this may not be the best method of instruction 
(Gramopadhye et al., 1995; Latorella et al., 1992).  For 
example, in OJT feedback may be infrequent, unmethodical, 
and/or delayed.   Moreover, in certain instances feedback is 
economically prohibitive or infeasible due to the nature of the 
task.  Thus, because the benefits of feedback in training have 
been well documented (e.g., Weiner, 1975), and for other 
reasons as well, alternatives to OJT are sought. Furthermore, 
training for improving visual inspection skills of aircraft 
inspectors is generally lacking at aircraft repair centers and 
aircraft maintenance facilities (FAA, 1991; FAA 1993). 
However, the application of training knowledge to enhance 
visual inspection skills has been well documented in the 
manufacturing industry. Training has been shown to improve 
the performance of both novice and experienced inspectors 
(Gramopadhye et al., 1995; Drury et al., 1991; Weiner, 1975). 
Visual inspection skills can be taught effectively using 
representative photographic images showing a wide range of 
conditions with immediate feedback on the traineeĀ’s decision 
in a controlled environment (Blackmon, 1996). Using realistic 
photographic images as a training aid in controlled practice 
with feedback has also been shown to be superior to only on- 
Thus, off-line training/retraining with feedback has a 
role to play in aircraft inspection training.  One of the most 
viable approaches for delivering training given the many 
constraints and requirements imposed by the aircraft 
maintenance environment is computer-based training. 
Computer-based training offers several advantages relative to 
traditional training approaches; for example, computer-based 
training is more efficient, facilitates standardization, and 
supports distance learning. With computer technology 
becoming cheaper, the future will bring an increased 
application of advanced technology in training. Over the past 
decade, instructional technologists have offered numerous 
technology-based training devices with the promise of 
improved efficiency and effectiveness. These training devices 
are being applied to a variety of technical training 
applications. Examples of such technology include computer- 
based simulation, interactive videodiscs, and other derivatives 
of computer based applications. Compact disc read only 
memory (CD-ROM) and Digital Video Interactive (DVI) are 
two other technologies which will provide us with the "multi- 
media" training systems of the future. Many of these training 
delivery systems such as computer aided instruction, computer 
based multi-media training and intelligent tutoring systems are 
already being used today, thus ushering in a revolution in 
In the domain of visual inspection, the earliest efforts 
to use computers for off-line inspection training were reported 
by Czaja and Drury, 1981. They used keyboard characters to 
develop a computer simulation of a visual inspection task. 
Other researchers to study inspection performance in a 
laboratory setting have also used similar simulations (e.g.,
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