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Subject: Re: can't copy sites
Author: geert udema
Date: 04/04/2002 16:52
I'm probably your most stupid user so far, but I have 
read FAQ's and (re)tried all the steps in Help.
Also read Jade Yang's recent outcry and the answers.
I'm a single user (Windows XP} with a perfectly 
functioning ISDN connection with my provider.
I do not get connection with my provider using your 
program, let alone bringing in sites. 
My questions :
1. Is what you call "Proxy" identical with the website 
adress of my "Provider" ?2. When I start your program should I already be 
connected with my (Dutch) provider ?3. If not : where do I fill in my
provider's adress, 
my name and my password ?4. Should the edit box "Info" (below the projectname)

only contain the website adress(es) I want to copy ?5. I've never heard of a
"Port adress" so: no number.

Thanks, Geert Udema.
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