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Subject: Re: can't copy sites
Author: Simon Lai
Date: 05/20/2002 07:59
> I'm probably your most stupid user so far, but I have 
> read FAQ's and (re)tried all the steps in Help.

Nah - everyone who is new to computers or don't have a 
particular interest beyond the basic functions are like 
this... do not worry about overasking questions :)

> Also read Jade Yang's recent outcry and the answers.
> I'm a single user (Windows XP} with a perfectly 
> functioning ISDN connection with my provider.
> I do not get connection with my provider using your 
> program, let alone bringing in sites. 
> My questions :
> 1. Is what you call 'Proxy' identical with the website 
> adress of my 'Provider' ?
A proxy is something that's set up by your Internet Service 
Provider to assist with Internet performance. It is not 
identical to the website address of your ISP. (eg. I am 
using IHUG ISP,, but my proxy server 
setting is port 8080). Your ISP 
should be able to supply you with the proxy settings and 
port number if you call them up.

> 2. When I start your program should I already be 
> connected with my (Dutch) provider ?
You should be able to run this program THEN initiate the 
connection and vice versa with little problems. I've had to 
cancel download to make a call, then reconnect then resume 
with little problems.

> 3. If not : where do I fill in my provider's adress, 
> my name and my password ?
You should not need to fill in your ISP's address (see 
resonse to question 1). The username/password settings for 
proxy access can be set in the options (first page that 
loads when you hit the Options button at the same page as 
where you insert the URL where HTtrack grabs the website).

> 4. Should the edit box 'Info' (below the projectname) 
> only contain the website adress(es) I want to copy ?
hrmn... I've never had to change anything in that - the 
following page after the program name is where I insert the 
URLs of the pages I grab.

> 5. I've never heard of a 'Port adress' so: no number.

Port address could take in the form of an IP address (eg. - some random string between 0 to 255).

...I think my info is right - but I'm not expert so don't 
come running down my door if my info prove to be 
incorrect. ;)

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